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Does The Bible Say To Use The KJV?

The KJV text is from the Cambridge Pure Text of 1769. Please feel free to download the ASCII file.

I wrote this program in PERL, so I could use PERL regular expressions to search the Bible.

For example, the dot "." matches any single character, and ".*" matches any number of characters. So, to find any verses that have "fruit" and "peace" with anything in between, the search expression would be "fruit.*peace" without the quotes.

Another example is to find "peace" and "joy" in any order, you can use the search expression "peace.*joy|joy.*peace" -- try it out! :)

In that same search field, you can, instead of a word search, enter a passage reference. This presents just those verses in a format suitable for copying and pasting into your Bible study notes, etc. You can even use abbreviations for the book names. Suggestions are welcome.

I deliberately avoided reviewing others' "harmony of the Gospels" publications before creating this one. So, if you find that mine is the same as another one, it is purely because of agreement, not plagiarism. Plus, that means all the mistakes are my own doing.

Harmony of the Gospels

The Noah Webster's 1828 Dictionary is already online, so this search simply makes each word into a link to that source. There are only rare exceptions when that word is not in that dictionary.

All of the formatting setting choices are passed through the URL. That means you can choose the settings you like, then bookmark the site, and the bookmark will remember your settings.